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Over the past twenty five years, the lawyers of Booke & Ajlouny have represented a variety of partnerships, from the formally created partnerships and LLCs with books and records to the informally created business relationship were two or more people come up with an idea to open a business for profit. Whether formal or informal, each type of partnership has the same fiduciary duties owed to partners as well as open disclosure obligations. We have counseled partners on the do’s and don’ts of a partnership structured business.

We have successfully litigated through jury trial with forensic experts representing a partner that was ousted and victimized by the partners in control. We have participated in agendas and important meetings to facilitate partnership disputes reaching resolution and finding common ground to move forward or effectively dissolving a partnership business. Booke & Ajlouny can effectively help partners reach mutually beneficial goals and if that is not option, then effective representation can amicably dissolve a partnership. Where all else has failed, including mediation, litigation of partnership disputes is generally recommended.